Bars in Phuket


One thing for sure is that in Phuket you will never go thirsty. There is a bar on just about every corner and a few more in between and if your in one of our Phuket Villas there are always bars nearby.

The main entertainment area is in Bangla road in Patong. Here you can find nightclubs, beer bars, ping pong shows, lady boys, working girls and a lot of tourists.
This area generally supports the sex tourists from all around the world and is probably the most famous area for entertainment in Phuket.

It really suits a certain type of clientele who may often go to Bangla road and tick it off the bucket list however it ends up being to much mayhem for them to handle. In this case, the best thing to do is get out of Bangla, get out of Patong. Phuket Town is the hidden gem in Phuket. The architecture is Sino Portuguese style shop houses. There are many funky little bars in the area if you know where to find them.

One bar which is recently grabbing a lot of attention is Prohibition bar in Yaowarat road. This is just around the corner from the Thalang road Sunday¬† Markets and is open each day from 5pm except Monday. Here you won’t have bar girls hassling you out to buy them drinks and can kick back and enjoy a craft beer, a wine or a fantastic fresh fruit martini. They will provide you with free popcorn with every order until you are busting at the seams.

There are quite a few reasons to love this bar including the classic music videos that are played on the screen. You may have heard a song a million times but never seen the video clip. The ever changing playlist is carefully selected by the Australian owner and sparks memories of growing up. This is a great conversation starter to tell some great stories with your friends. The music is not too loud where you don’t have to shout across the table. The Edison style light bulbs are dimmed perfectly.

If you are feeling hungry you can order some of the classic Thai dishes that make Thailand so special. If you fancy a game with your friends you could play darts in the back room behind the hidden bookshelf door or play the Australian or US version of “Cards against humanity” (They have both sets). If chess, checkers , backgammon or Uno is your thing then ask the friendly staff and this is provided for your enjoyment.

When venturing into the back room, the walls are filled with hand prints of the punters that have made it to the end of the night. As it’s only licensed until 12am the “speakeasy” back room is available most weekends to carry on later. Prohibition bar is a great way to break up the trip with a Melbourne type feel on entry. It’s air conditioned inside and has fans outside for those humid nights.

We highly recommend this bar and you can find them on Facebook @prohibitionphuket or the website

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