Phuket Markets


Without doubt the attraction of picking up a bargain in Phuket is very hard to resist for Australian travellers. Many people pack light and pick up things along the way during their stay using up all their baggage allowance on the way home. Phuket has a plethora of markets spread out over the island. Some of the more famous markets mainly in Patong, you can find yourself bartering down the price from a high price to get to the real price. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There are other markets where the locals go and they list the price on all the items which is in fact the real price. The video attached shows a market place in the Kathu district area. A short trip over Patong Hill and then straight at the traffic lights you can find yourself there. You can see glowing neon lights lined up along the side of the road with rows and rows of tents beyond. If you staying in a Phuket Villas make sure you head over to these markets.

Some of the items that you can find here are shoes, t-shirts, hand bags, jewellery, mobile phone covers and just about anything else you can imagine.
There is also a section with all the local delights you can expect from a local Thai market.

It is worth noting that for large Australians you may have to look a bit harder to find the bigger sizes. A size 11 Australian shoe for example maybe nearly impossible to find. Also a t-shirt that says large may in fact be a small so it’s worth checking the sizes to make sure they fit.
Other markets worth visiting is the Naka weekend market in Phuket Town. This night market has a great variety however they do seem to put up the prices as this area is no secret to tourists and they can afford to inflate the prices with the amount of foot traffic.

A very quaint street market on Sunday afternoon is Thalang road Sunday market in Phuket Town. The street food here is no less than sensational. One end is street food and the other end is arts and crafts.  There is no need to barter here and the vendors are very friendly and can usually speak basic English.

After the Sunday market there is a great little bar called Prohibition. This air-conditioned cocktail bar plays on the speak easy theme of the Prohibition era. It has a secret book shelf door that leads to a back room. Here you can find screens that play classic music videos from the 70’s-90’s and some of the music of today. It is situated about 50 metres from the top of Thalang road at 87 Yaowarat road in Phuket Town. it’s open each day from 5pm until midnight and closed on Mondays.

Sunday is usually a good night to go there and drink cocktails, wine, craft beers and local beers at a very reasonable price. the other good thing is the free popcorn with every order. A great way to wind down and rest your feet after all that shopping.

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