What are the BEST Beaches in Phuket for topping up your tan?

Best Beaches in Phuket

If you are heading off to Phuket you are probably going to want to laze on the beach and do absolutely nothing. If you are coming from a colder climate or the Aussie winter nothing is better than arriving in sunny, warm, tropical Phuket, heading off to the nearest beach and start working on your tan. Phuket has a number of seriously fantastic beaches and following is our pick of the best beaches in Phuket for working on your tan and chilling out.

The Famous Patong Beach

This is probably the most famous beach and most popular tourist area in Phuket and the beach should be high on your priority list. There is heaps of water activities to do here such as water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, swimming, snorkelling or if you prefer pull up a beach chair, grab a book and do nothing.

Perhaps after a day on the beach you might like to let your hair down and hit the bars and clubs that Patong is notoriously famous for. This beach area goes 24/7 and is the heart of Phukets tourist industry with people from all over the world flocking here. This is a place to party hard as well as heavy sun baking. I want to add that Patong is also known for it’s girly bars and lady boys so be prepared for some ‘in your face’ action – this is where we have heaps of Luxury villas very close to the beach so make sure you book well in advance to avoid missing out.

patng beach

The chilled out Karon Beach

Close by Patong but is feels like worlds apart is Karon Beach. This is a fabulous stretch of white sand and calm waters where travellers spend the day walking up and down this beautiful beach, stopping at the many beach side cafés and restaurants while enjoying the crystal blue calm waters. This is also a very popular tourist area where you will find that most people love to stay in villas that are near the beach. Karon is also famous for is beach chairs and here you will find many people renting 2 or 3 chairs and spending the day here till sunset. These beach lounges are owned by the local restaurants so you can easily order lunch, fruit platters, fresh juices and fresh coconuts to cool you off.

karon beach phuket
Relaxing Surin Beach

People come here to escape the crowds and get away from it all and be in a more secluded and exclusive beach area. This is where you will find more families and couples looking for peace and quiet. PLUS you will find a lot of beach front luxury villas along the beach. The water here is simply divine so it’s worth the tuk tuk or taxi ride to get here just to experience this.

surin beach

Pleasant Kata Beach

Just a short stroll from Karon Beach is the very family friendly Kata Beach. It’s a very popular beach as it has beautiful, clear white sands that blend into pristine blue waters. If I’m making it sound inviting then you really have to see it for yourself to capture the true beauty of this beach. There are enough restaurants dotted along the beach to keep even the most discerning foodie satisfied and the vibe is very chilled/relaxed. Kata is actually split into 2 parts; the north being close to Karon beach and the south which is where most of the high villas and resorts are located. It’s here you will also find most of the local shopping vendors where you can get souvenirs as well as clothes.

kata beach

These are the 4 main beach areas in Phuket. It’s more than likely you will be staying very close to these beaches but it would be a good idea to see them all. Getting around Phuket is really cheap so try to plan a day or 2 at each beach so you get a taste of what Phukets beach life is really like.