7 Cheap Places to Eat in Phuket Town

There are so many fantastic places to have lunch, dinner or even grab a snack in Phuket town. Do you hit the numerous street stalls or try the local restaurants selling delicious Thai cuisine. The options are mind blowing but following is a list of our favourite cheap eats in Phuket Town.

Cheap Eat # 1 – Kopitiam By Wilai

Try out Kopitiam by Wilai, and as soon as you enter this little gem you will feel like you have stepped aboard a time machine and gone back a few decades to old world China. Soak up the cool chic atmosphere with old world Chinese charm and at the same time enjoy delicious yummy Thai and Chinese food. The fish cakes and the signature Tom Yum soup are to-die-for! The prices here are just a bit more than other local cafes/eateries but believe me it’s well worth the few extra Baht.

Location: 14 & 18 Talang R., Phuket Old Town, Muang Phuket

Kopitiam by Wilai
Cheap Eat # 2 – Abdul’s Roti Shop

Who doesn’t love roti? This place is roti heaven and this delicious fried flatbread served with your choice of fillings is a great way to fill your empty stomach while cruising Phuket Town. As you would expect, prices here are real cheap and the vibe is very chilled with a non fuss approach to getting you as many roti as you can handle. There are also curry and other Indian dishes on the menu.

Location: Thalang Road, Phuket Town

Cheap Eat # 3 – N.C Restaurant

This is a local favourite where noodles are served piping hot and very fresh. If your into a bit of spice try the Hokkien Noodles or the favourite and healthy noodles with veggies. This is open the whole day but lunchtime is where it really kicks in with a ‘buzzy’ atmosphere of people and lots of dishes coming out from the kitchen.

Location: Opposite Royal Phuket City on Phang Nga Road, Phuket Town

Cheap Eat # 4 – Somjit Noodle House

Another noodle house that serves top dishes at really cheap price where you can grab a quick lunch or dinner. This place is known for making their own prawn stock that goes into all soups and is absolutely delicious. Get in early as it can get very crowded here.

Cheap Eat # 5 – Lock Tien

Here is where you can get a degustation of local dishes all to try again at prices that are great for the holiday budget. This place is awesome and it’s a hawker centre where you can order dishes from each stall to try – they are all in 1 area. You are going to love the atmosphere here as you go from stall to stall trying a bit of everything. This is a real Thai/Asian experience and one that you do not want to miss out on. Go in a group, have a few beers and enjoy your lunch or dinner. These style of hawker centres are really popular all over Asia and the reason for this is the great vibe as well as the super cheap prices. Some dishes are less than $5 Aussie dollars which is great value especially if you are coming to Phuket in a group or family and are looking to budget a bit.

Location: Located at the crossroads between Dibuk and Yaowarat Road

Cheap Eat # 6 – Brake Taek

 This place is very popular as locals and tourist queue up for the yummy Tom Yum soup jam packed with seafood, meat, pork or vegetables. Tom Yum is a local Thai spicy soup and when it’s cooked properly you will experience an explosion of flavours like nothing you have ever had before. Cheap, fun and filling, is what makes this restaurant so popular.

Location: Phang Nga Road, across Royal Phuket City Hotel near the bus terminal

Cheap Eat # 7 – Siang Khaen

Affordable north eastern Thai cuisine served in a modern, clean and really family friendly place gets Siang Khaen on this list. Try the mango salad or the signature BBQ pork dishes. They will melt in your mouth.

Location: Mae Luan Road, opposite the Mitsubishi Showroom

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