Bangla Road Patong Beach, Phuket, All you need to know

Bangla Road is the place to be once the sun goes down. This is where the action is and this is where most of the Patong Beach tourists head. The road is closed to traffic post 6pm and the 400 metre stretch of road turns into a carnival like atmosphere with neon lights, loud music, cheap alcohol and those famous girly bars looking to entice you in for a drink. It’s a very lively yet friendly and safe place where it’s non stop action and generally packed throughout the evening. If you are looking for a night out with your friends then Bangla Road should be your first stop. This is where you can fill up on low priced beer and when it’s happy hours those 2 for 1 cocktails.

Most of the hundreds of bars are all out doors and they are all doing one thing; trying to get you in. This means the volume of the music is turned way up and it kind of all blends into one frenetic noise. It’s sensory overload on steroids. The 400m road is mostly bars but there are a few restaurants and local shops to add to the chaotic nature of the place.

There are also heaps of street performers here among touters handing out invitations to their ping pong bar shows which can make getting around tiresome as you have to keep dodging and saying; ‘no’ or ‘sorry we are not interested’. But, it’s still an experience and something to be seen on holiday in Patong.

bangla road

Bangla Road can be divided into 3 areas:

1)Furthest from the beach and closest to Rat-U-This Road and the famous Jungceylon Shopping Centre. This is the centre of the best and largest nightclubs in Phuket.
2)The middle area as you head west towards the massive LED TV. This is go-go bar central and the touts are very proactive here in trying to get your business. Be prepared to say a lot of the word; ‘no thanks’.
3) The beach side of Bangla Road, beginning at Soi Freedom, is the most chilled out part. These are more of the friendlier beer bars where you can start the evening off with a cold Singha beer. It’s also the place where you can grab a quick meal before kicking off with some heavy partying as you make your way down the strip.

What are the most famous ‘Sois’ or Streets of Bangla Road?

Soi Seadragon: this is where the boys come to watch the go-go bars and perhaps hook up with one of the locals. It’s about 100 metres in length and it’s jam packed full of girls in bikinis gyrating to the latest thumping sounds blaring out of their bar. Check out Suzie Wongs, probably the most famous here on Soi Seadragon

Soi TIger:  you will find Soi Tiger right opposite the Seduction Night Club and it’s here that you will find over 30 beer as well as hostess bars. Differentiating one bar from the next is a challenge but keep an eye out for Crazy Horse and Sin City Bar.

Soi Freedom: Same as the above but the girls here are a little less likely to hassle you than in other Si’s on Bangla. Great to hang out here, watch some sports on the big TV’s and enjoy the action unfolding as the pole dancers get into their rhythm.

Soi Crocodile: If your wanting to catch the latest cabaret show with ladyboys then this is the Soi to head to. Here you will see the ladyboys strut their stuff miming to loud music. This Soi is where most of the tourists come to enjoy the vibe and friendly atmosphere – plus it’s way less hassled than the go go bar Soi’s which are more geared towards male clientele that are looking to meet a Thai girl.

Soi Easy: Once noted as being the centre of the girl bars this is now a food court area. Open from 10pm-2am this is where you come to eat local Thai dishes to absorb the large quantities of beer you’ve consumed.

Soi Patong Road: This is roughly 100m long and is home to about 10 restaurants, a few internet cafes, some tailors (to get that must have custom made suit) a couple of massage parlours and the usual girl bars.

This information should be enough to get you started on your Bangla Road experience. Our advice is to come here with an open mind, have some fun, grab a bite to eat and just soak up the atmosphere. Whilst it might not be for everyone and some people might find it a bit ‘too in your face’, loud and an assault on your senses, it is still a huge Phuket attraction and worth a look even for some cool pics with the ladyboys. Remember your on holiday and this is Thailand, so be prepared for the cultural differences and shocks that it brings with it.

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