Buddha Day Thailand

For those of you who are traveling to Phuket or anywhere in Thailand you may experience one of the three Buddha Days.

Visakha Bucha Day (Late May)
Arsalaha Bucha Day (Late July)
Makha Bucha Day (Mid February)

The dates vary according to the moon.

On these days you will find that all bars are closed from midnight the day before until midnight on that day. It’s a 24 hour period. You will not be able to buy alcohol anywhere in supermarkets or 7/11 or pretty much anywhere. It’s a good idea to stock the fridge in your villa the day before for those who like a drink. It is not illegal to consume alcohol however it is illegal to buy it. It is possible that you may find some secluded places selling beer in coffee cups however this is quite rare.

Buddhism is the major religion in Thailand and you will find that people of all ages will often go to the temple quite often.
Foreigners are also free to go to the temples and participate in any activities there.

It is essential that you respect their culture and realise that this is a place of worship.
When going to the temple you must always take off your shoes and any cap or hat before entering.
For ladies, you must cover the legs and for all you must cover the shoulders. Often you can rent sarongs outside should you be stopping by unexpectedly and not appropriately dressed. If you would like more information on Thai etiquette you cam always contact us here at Phuket Villa Escapes.

In the bigger temples you can get a blessing from a monk and they will place a white string around your wrist which has been blessed by the monks. Following this a donation of 20-100 baht is expected.

You may find a container holding some long thin sticks each with a number. Once on your knees you can shake this until one falls out. This will have a number on it. Remember the number and place the stick back inside and leave the container back on the floor. The next step is to go to a cupboard with papers and the number listed for each compartment. This will be in Thai so you would need a Thai to translate your luck according to the number.

Don’t be surprised if the Thai person says “It’s bad” and doesn’t give you the details. This happens quite a lot.
The video attached shows the inside of the Temple in Chalong “Wat Chalong”

Wat translated to English means Temple.
There are quite a lot of steep stairs here and not suitable for an elderly person.
As you can see from the video there is a lot of gold and beautiful statues.
The top floor has a glass casket with a bone which is believed to be from Buddha.
It is also important to know that it is disrespectful to get a Buddha tattoo and also to take any Buddha ornaments or statues outside of Thailand.

Overall it’s a wonderful experience and would highly recommend having a Thai to accompany you at the temple.