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Like me you want to be able to check emails and do some work while you are on holiday. I know if you are reading this you may be thinking that why on earth would you want to work when you are on holiday, especially in such a stunning place as Phuket, but I like to consider myself as a bit of a digital nomad. I like to evenly space work/lifestyle out so that when I get back home I’m not smashed with emails. This article is for all those digital nomads looking for something more to do in Phuket than laze on the beach and topping up the tan. This is some serious digital nomad inspiration.

Strengthen your nomad networks and catch up with people who share the same interests. Because you are part of this increasingly popular community known as the digital nomad, it’s a good idea to stay connected with others. You never know what ties you will make and what may come out of it. There are heaps of Meet Up’s in Phuket so all you have to do is Google it – but I’m sure you have already done this.

Why not take a break from the laptop for some outdoor fun at the Flying Hanuman. This is great for refocusing your energies on the 30 platforms as you make your way across sky bridges as you walk among the tree tops. An added bonus is it’s great exercise as well for those of you that have been glued to your chair for hours on end. The views out to Phuket Town are spectacular and the feeling on being out among nature is really rewarding.

Flying Hanuman

If your coming from a big city and feel that you have not been among nature for a while then ideally you should try to visit the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park. You can hire a guide to take you around the forest where chances are you will run into local animals such as monkeys and the fun gibbons. It’s a great day out and well worth the effort for those digital nomads addicted to email who need some nature.

If you are feeling energetic why not hit Phang Nga Bay and go canoeing. This trip on the beautiful turquoise waters of Phuket will take you past famous landmarks such as Panak’s & Hong Islands and the well known and well trekked James Bond Island – famous for it’s cameo in the movie man with the Golden Gun. You can do half and full day tours where you can get to unwind, swim and explore the beautiful beaches of these islands.

If you are in Phuket between the months of November to April then this is the perfect time to grab a snorkel and explore the sensational marine life abundant throughout the island. The most popular snorkelling areas are: Ao Sane, Laem Singh, Ya Nui and Paradise Beach. If you do need equipment you can hire snorkel, fins and masks almost anywhere on the island. Plus it is cheap!

snorkelling phuket

If you love Thai food and you want to try something completely different then we suggest try a Thai cooking class. There are tons of them all over the island and after a couple of hours you will be up to Masterchef standards. Imagine being able to make your own Pad Thai or Tom Yum soup. Most class sizes are kept small so teachers can take a hands on approach to individual students.

cooking classes phuket

Let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t love a Thai massage or the experience of a day spa. I bet no one and this is why all you nomads should be trying at least 1 Thai massage while you are on Phuket. Relive the tension and stress of all your hard work behind as you feel the knots in your neck and back from hours staring at a screen disappear. If you want to take it to the next level and really spoil yourself we recommend the spa treatments at the Banyan Tree Spa or Royal Phuket Yacht Club.

Banyan Tree Spa

Don’t be afraid of costs as this is Phuket and spa and massage treatments are considerable less expensive than back home in Australia. Our pick for an affordable massage is at the Mind Massage. It’s cheap and you will feel absolutely fantastic by the end.

Spend time in your Villa – if you have come to Phuket and are staying in a luxurious villa in Phuket then we suggest grabbing a good book, pulling up your day bed and spending some quality time by the pool. Remember this is your holiday and you need to relax, refresh and reboot before you hit the office back home. Even better, why not try some meditation or yoga down by the beach. Phuket has gorgeous white sandy beaches where you can find some privacy to enrich your peace of mind by simply chilling out by the sea. It’s amazing what just 1 hour of total peace and quite can achieve – go on give it a try, you will love it!