Phuket Sunsets

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Often I used to wonder why sunset is so popular amongst Australian tourists then it occurred to me that the majority of Australians live on the east coast. If you are from Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane or even the Gold Coast you may enjoy a good beach sunrise but never the sunset over the water like the ones they have in Phuket.

The west coast of Phuket have some of the most breathtaking views to fill up your Facebook and Instagram accounts with memories that your friends will certainly envy. While most people travel in the high season and end up holidaying on one of our Phuket villas to rent,  where you can expect blue skies and no rain, it’s the monsoon season where the skies are filled with clouds and you can get the most amazing sunsets as the pink and purple hues colour the clouds above.The best time to take these photos is at sunset time and as you can see it’s absolutely spectacular. The colours are vivid, bright and people come down here at sunset to watch this amazing scene.

The video attached is filmed on Kamala beach just i n front of Cafe del Mar where you can see the performers setting up for the nightly fire show. The DJ changes the tempo of the music to lose you into the sunset and create that magical moment to be remembered until the end of time. Unlike Bali, Phuket is still yet to catch on to the whole sunset culture that crowds the Bali beaches each night. Here in Phuket, at times you may have the beach almost to yourself.

Generally the sea is quite calm on Kamala beach however depending on the season and the direction of the wind, surf can be found on near by beaches such as Surin, Kalim and Kata beach. Serious surfers would head to Bali however Phuket is great for beginners with a few surf schools dotted around the coast of the island.

As most of the year the water is quite calm you will find (SUP) stand up paddle boards are all the trend at the moment. It’s quite beautiful to take a picture and have someone on an SUP coming into frame and silhouetted against the sun that is setting. Yet another great shot is the longtail boats and the fisherman fishing off the bow of the boat with the spectacular colours of the sunset as the back drop. The beaches are often clean in Phuket when there is no rain, yet after the rain you may see a lot of rubbish washed up on the beach. As hard as the business owners try to clean up the areas you may think at certain times of the year that they are not clean at all.

Most business owners will clean the beach twice a day in the monsoon season to keep them in pristine condition.The water is also very clear for most of the year however again during the raining season it can beco me murky from the rivers (called Klongs) that run from the mountains to the sea, carrying dirty water with it.

Please keep in mind, should you see a dirty beach, that it is most probably just the time of the year and not laziness of people. They work very hard to keep Thailand beautiful for you to enjoy. Please also take your rubbish with you and don’t leave it on the beach. Together we can keep the beaches among the best in the world.