Phuket, what to do in 5 days?

If you are looking for a 5 day getaway to recharge you batteries or simply want to get away from it all, nothing is better than a 5 day hit to tropical Phuket. Getting here is easy enough if you are from Australia, Singapore or Europe. There are direct flights between most major capital cities in Australia and it’s not such a long flight.

Leave Sydney or Melbourne in the morning and be in Phuket by later afternoon ready for a tropical swim. If you are wondering about what you are going to do in Phuket for 5 days don’t stress as we have got it covered. Following is your perfect 5 day itinerary for Phuket.

Day 1: Hit the sun, sea and beach

The first thing you are going to want to do is hit the beach and dose up on some much needed vitamin D. Try Kata Yai and Kata Noi Beach as they are really beautiful with white sandy beaches and picture postcard blue waters. This is the perfect way to shake those winter blues or the stress of city life and immerse yourself in the ocean. Grab your towel or beach mat and spend day 1 getting a tan. If you want  to snorkel or go for a surf there are heaps of rental places along the beach where you can hire equipment.

kata yai beach phuket

While you are on the beach make sure you hang there to watch the sunset at the end of a perfect day.There are many dining options on these beaches from local Thai restaurants where you can grab a quick meal right through to more upmarket restaurants.

Day 2: Cultural time.

Ok, you have done the beach now it’s time to explore the cultural side of Phuket. The first place you need to go is the Big Buddha. It’s a massive 45m statue and you cannot miss it and it’s the first thing you’ll notice as you head up Nakkerd Hills. This is a place of extreme cultural importance to the Thai’s and you will feel a complete sense of calm once you enter the Buddhas compound. You will hear soothing dharma tunes playing in the distant background and these add to the ambiance of the chiming bells and the sound of the flags blowing in the warm tropical breeze. It’s a place for reflection and serenity. Try not to rush around here to tick it off the list. Try to really appreciate this wonderful Phuket experience.

Day 3: Shopping and Day Spas

If you like shopping and pampering at a day sap then Phuket is the answer. This is the halfway point of your 5 day getaway and it’s about time you started to spoil yourself with a traditional Thai massage followed by some serious shopping. If you want to have a private massage in your own villa make sure you speak to our reservation team who can sort this out for you before you arrive. It’s just part of our very friendly service.

Shopping phuket

Thai massage is a great way to undo all those horrible pains and knots you have gotten over the past couple of months sitting at your desk. An hour with a professional massage therapist at a Phuket Day Spa will turn you into a new person.

In terms of shopping all you need to do is wonder around and you will be amazed by the diversity and range of shops. From high end luxury shops right through to fake knock offs (that look like the real thing), Phuket is a shoppes paradise. While shopping and walking around you can find heaps of local Thai places where you can get a quick meal for less than $5. So start out early, put on your best walking shoes and be prepared for a full day out or surprises, bargains and even the odd taste experience – they do sell deep fried insects….this is only for those with serious courage.

Day 4: It’s villa time and a spot of yoga

Yesterday was all about being active and making the most of the outdoors. Today is all about some downtime in your villa. Why not treat yourself to some time off. Go one, your deserve it! Relax by the pool, finish that book and do some laps. For some extra indulgence get the villa staff to cook a meal for you. If yo feel a bit energetic why not have a spot of afternoon yoga. There are heaps of yoga studios all over Phuket.

Day 5: Relax and get ready for the flight home.

You will probably be leaving mid morning so it’s time for a quick dip in the ocean and a bite to eat, or brunch at Mom’s Tri Kitchen, RE KA TA or even the famous Boat House Wine and Grill. All of these places are just the ticket to soak up the last sea views before you head off to the airport.

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