Thailand’s Fire Shows in Phuket

phuket villas - thai fire show

When it comes to entertaining tourists, there are few countries that can deliver as well as the Thais. After years of tourism, especially in  Phuket it seems they have mastered the art and fire shows are no exception to the rule. So no matter whether your staying in Phuket or Koh Samui your bound to catch one of these shows.

You can find fire shows at some of the beach clubs on the east coast. Cafe del Mar on Kamala beach is where this was filmed. They have fire shows every night in the high season (December through till the end of April) each night right after sunset. This is usually at 7pm although times may vary. During the low season generally in Saturdays and Sundays. So if you happen to be staying in one of our Phuket Villas then your definitely going to catch one of the shows.

Catch beach club often do fire shows during the high season which is situated right on Bang Tao beach. This is also on the west coast and is quite upscale and may I say slightly more expensive.

As Thailand, and namely Phuket is a fantastic destination for weddings, Fire shows are often booked for this occasion and is certainly well received.
Personally one of the best fire shows I have seen is during a beautiful sunset on Valentine’s Day where a proposal was pre-arranged by the groom to be. The performance included a clumped up bunch of letters that were set on fire and unclipped to spell the words “Marry me”.

The performing artists then took the couple into a flaming heart in the sand where the gentleman dropped to one knee with a ring in hand.
The lady screamed out to the adoring crowd “Yes” which led to a huge applause and there was barely a dry eye on the beach. It is important to know that if you stumble across a fire show to always stand in front of the performing artist and always keep 15 metres away. Often the shows have  fire works, large bursts of fire coming from a metal rod and also large sparks flying g out of flaming spinning balls.

The chance of getting injured is possible by standing too close so it pays to use common sense and stand away from the action.
In this particular fire show the performers are wearing masks which limits their vision. Whilst they could probably do the whole thing blind folded they are not looking at the audience, they can only hear them.

If you have children, best to keep them in front of you within an arms length distance. The shows are wonderful watch and it adds to the atmosphere hearing the oohs and aaahs coming from the crowd. I think it’s possible I have seen the shows a hundred times and it never gets boring. It’s always a good idea to contact the beach clubs directly as the timings of the shows may change and sometimes they maybe cancelled during bad weather (rain or high winds)
certainly it should be something on your bucket list of things to do and see on your trip to Thailand.

Enjoy the show and stay safe everyone.