The Best Tours In Phuket

Going on vacation should be an adventure. No matter where you go, the typical tourist traps and same old sights get boring after a while and you just need to mix things up. The good news is, if you’re headed to Phuket, you can absolutely do that!

Phuket has a wide range of tours for all adventure levels – from leisurely island hopping to speed boat rides and ATV trips along the beach. You will find all that and then some in this fabulous list of the best tours in Phuket.

Phi Phi Islands Tour

The Phi Phi Islands are a tiny archipelago of six islands just off the coast of Phuket. These islands have some amazing natural features like waterfalls, tropical forests, gorgeous beaches, cliffs and secluded bays – all of which are perfect for exploring. Some of the islands are even home to colonies of monkeys, which you can observe in their natural habitats. The turquoise and emerald waters are simply stunning and offer some of the best snorkeling opportunities in the world. Most of the Phi Phi Islands are not inhabited, which means the landscape is in pristine condition. The Phi Phi Islands tour departs from Royal Phuket Marina and features an impressive twin engine speed boat to get you there both in style and in a hurry.

Sea Caves In Phang Nga Bay

 Sea caves – or hongs, as they are known in Phuket – are cave-like tunnels through the natural rock formations that are found along Phuket’s bays. Exploring these by kayak is a fantastic way to experience the natural flora and fauna of Phuket from the water instead of dry land. One of the most popular tour companies for sea cave kayaking is John Gray Sea Canoe – because they offer a night time tour of the caves called “Hongs By Starlight”. It is a breathtaking experience, completely different than what you will find in the daytime as the night creatures come out in droves. At the end of the tour, John Gray Sea Canoe features a kratong ceremony where small handmade lighted floral arrangements are released into the bay for good luck and prosperity. The John Gray Sea Canoe tours can be booked through most of the major resorts in Phuket.

White Water Rafting and ATV Excursions

Phuket is full of adventures just waiting to be discovered and a favorite of those seems to be the white water rafting along the Phang Nga. This river is notorious for its strong currents, splashing waves and rip tides- making it the perfect spot for adventure rafting. Phang Nga runs through some of the most dense landscape in Phuket and is only accessible via backroad routes that require four wheel drive vehicles to get there. A half hour drive away from the Phang Nga is an ATV base where you can finish your adventure across land. The ATV routes will take you through some of the most beautiful – and dangerous – terrain in Phuket – jungles, villages, farms, plantations, dirt roads, beaches and just about any other landscape you can imagine. These two tours are usually booked in tandem from the same company. Most of the larger resorts in Phuket can help you arrange a white water rafting and ATV excursion with the local guides.

Flying Hanuman Tour

If you ever wanted to swing from the top of a jungle canopy, but just don’t have the skills to hoist yourself up there and make it happen – the Flying Hanuman Tour is for you. The Flying Hanuman is a system of ziplines that run through a rainforest and feature various platforms for ‘landing’ and grabbing the next line. You will be well-educated on the safety precautions and measures that you need to take and outfitted with the proper gear by your knowledgeable guides. The zip lines allow you to be suspended 40 meters above the jungle canopy, providing some of the most awesome views imaginable of the surrounding landscape. The Flying Hunaman Tour takes about three hours and can be booked by one of the larger area resorts as well as via their direct line –

+66 (0)76 323 264-5.

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